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Of long weekends, mammoth parcels and Greenpeace…

June 7, 2007

Next Monday’s a public holiday (Queen’s Birthday). Tomorrow I’m delivering my last oral presentation for the semester and so I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Still unsure about my plans, but there will definitely be some celebratory drinking involved 🙂

The two colossal boxes that my mom sent me arrived today. My flatmate and I picked them up from the post office and I had to fit them in a trolley so we could bring them home. Upon seeing the sheer size of the boxes, my flatmate incredulously asked: Jesus, are those yours? What’s in there?! I told her that they were mostly clothes, bags and shoes that I had to leave behind because my luggage was extremely overweight. She was like, Huh?! Seems like your mom packed your whole closet. She was partly right, though. My mom did send me roughly 5% of the contents of our entire house. Apart from some winter clothes, bags and a few pairs of shoes and flipflops, she also threw in some perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, an umbrella, world maps, some stuffed animals…even a couple of packets of sinigang mix. Haha. Sadly, she sent me the wrong pair of white shoes 😦

Next Tuesday I’ll be starting my internship at Greenpeace. Feeling apprehensive yet excited just the same. Hope things turn out okay. The Volunteer Coordinator from Argentina seemed quite nice and helpful. And it’s also a real good thing that they’ll provide me with a small allowance to cover transportation and food.

P.S. Despite all the rough patches, I can confidently say that I have never been this *happy* in several months.


My girls are the sweetest…

June 4, 2007


Pajamas from May (B2!), Cat book from Charlie, Scrapbook with pics from Marsi…

My bestest girl friends sent me a care package via DHL! These girls are absolute darlings 🙂 Thanks so much, you really made my day! Missing you all terribly…hugs and lots of love.

Please prepare to get seriously smashed when I come home next year…hehe! 😉