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New job!

March 7, 2008

Got this email yesterday:

Thank you for expressing interest in a position at IEC. We would like to offer you a role which may be a combination of the positions in which you expressed interest.  Largely based on Position 4, this would include elements of positions 5 & 6, include office organisation, management of files and literature searches and reviews. There is also material to be transcribed which we can discuss.

Yay, I’m totally stoked!


Jon Stewart quotes at the Oscars

March 2, 2008

A bit late, but here are my faves:

“Not all films did as well as Juno obviously. The films that were made about the Iraq war, let’s face it, did not do as well. But I’m telling you, if we stay the course and keep these movies in the theatres we can turn this around. I don’t care if it takes 100 years. Withdrawing the Iraq movies would only embolden the audience. We cannot let the audience win.”

“Democrats do have a historic race going. Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama. Normally, when you see a black man or a woman president an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty.”

“You have to give Barack Obama credit, he’s overcome a great deal. Not just he’s an African-American. Barack Hussein Obama is his name. His middle name is the last name of Iraq’s former tyrant. His last name rhymes with Osama. That’s not easy to overcome. I think we all remember the ill-fated 1944 presidential campaign of Gaydolf Titler. It’s just a shame, Titler had so many good ideas. We just couldn’t get past the name. And the moustache.”

“Tom Hanks has won two Oscars but is not nominated tonight – so if you ask me, he’s got no place being here.”

“This year’s slate: psychopathic killer movies. Does this town need a hug? All I can say is, thank God for teen pregnancy.”

“In case you’re wondering what we do in the commercial breaks, we sit here making catty remarks about the outfits you’re wearing at home.”

Responding to Javier Bardem delivering half his speech in Spanish, he said, “I took Spanish in high school. I believe he told his mother where the library was.”

“That guy is so arrogant” (referring to Glen Hansard of Once, after he delivered his acceptance speech)

*the way he introduced the Oscars’ ‘tribute to periscopes and binoculars’ followed by the ‘tribute to nightmares’ was seriously hilarious! I love this guy. I totally think he’s the wittiest person on American television nowadays. I remember Oprah also said in O magazine that Jon’s been one of the most intelligent people she’s ever met.

…Oh, and when he called Marketa Irglova back on stage to give a speech after her mike got cut off…how kind was that?!

Back at uni

March 2, 2008

My nearly four months of summer holidays are over and I am now officially back at uni. Can’t say that I’m in full-on uni mode yet though. I’m still in the denial stage but I hope I could finally get myself to accept the bitter reality soon. I’ll really miss all those days of getting up very very late and not worrying shit about papers and presentations and things.

Our Cross-cultural Communication class had its first meeting last Tuesday, and horror of horrors, I ended up with Week 2 when we drew lots for presentations. Now I’m trying to make sense of all these readings in an attempt to come up with a decent oral report for next meeting. It’s been hard to get back in the groove of things as I have lost a good number of brain cells during the break due to my reckless lifestyle, but I hope to gain them all back (and more, please!) since I will need lots of brain power to get through my last semester.

I’ve also been frantically looking for a new job since my brief stint as an Enrolment Assistant is now over. I only go to uni three days a week this semester so there’s two free days to work. I figure I should get a part-time job to enrich myself (financially of course…did you think I meant it in a poetic way?!) as I am also saving up for some major purchases. I haven’t had a call back yet but fingers crossed someone will hire me soon.