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Melbourne madness and other asides

April 14, 2008

(I wrote this a while back and it is a tad bit late, but I just wanted to post an entry about my Melbourne sojourn last month)

Spent the Easter break in Melbourne with my roommie. I had a generally nice time, except for a freak allergy episode and popped eardrums on the flight back. Anyway, it was still good to get away. Also, I’ve always meant to see what Sydney’s rival city had to offer.

Comments and impressions of Melbourne: clean, highly organised and CHEAP transportation, bustling art and music scene (the International Comedy Festival was on when we were there), erratic weather (four seasons in a day, indeed). It’s also highly apparent that the cost of living in Melbourne is much less compared to Sydney. Oooh and I totally went wild over the wonderful street art installations we found everywhere we went.

We spent all of Thursday with a girl we went to HS with. She and her husband live in a lovely beach-front home in a suburb forty minutes away from the city. Unfortunately we couldn’t head to the beach that day as it was ass-freezing cold. We instead just stayed in and had long and happy trip-down-memory-lane conversations over vodka and prawns. Til I had that surprise allergy attack which covered every square inch of me in rashes (couldn’t even open my eyes anymore), gave me a puffed-up face and made me itch like mad. I totally looked like Will Smith in Hitch.

We spent the next three days in the CBD billeted in an el-cheapo hostel (we were warned that it would be dodgy but thank goodness it was okay). Since it was Good Friday everything was mostly closed but we still managed to stumble upon shops and restos that were open. My roommie and I walked around the CBD and the Royal Botanic Gardens. We then caught a tram to St. Kilda and it was such a fabulous place, with the bohemian vibe and all. Plus omg the shops and pubs are so close to the beach. I immediately fell in love with St. Kilda and I wouldn’t really mind relocating there.

San Churro (a chocolate resto) lured us into its lair and so we spent Good Friday stuffing our faces with churros con chocolate, truffles, strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate pretzels, chocolate ice cream and a ginormous chocolate milkshake (wow, chocolate mentioned five times in a sentence). We had a stroll around the beach, took a couple of photos.

Saturday we went on a river cruise, had lunch at the Docklands (sort of like Melbourne’s Darling Harbour) and beers at a pub. We attended the Easter Vigil that night then had Chinese for dinner.

Sunday we went to the Melbourne Museum, which was phenomenal (could’ve spent the entire day in there). Students get in for free, how awesome is that. My roommie left for an Easter lunch and so I spent half of our last day on my own. I booked a tour of the Royal Exhibition Centre (a World Heritage site) and that was very informative. The building is steeped in rich history and its interiors were well-preserved. After the tour I then headed to the Parliament, a dignified and handsomely designed building and took photos of its façade. I decided to catch the train to the Queen Victoria Markets to pick up some souvenirs but it was nearly closing time when I got there. I did find a T-shirt though which I might give to my brother or keep for myself as a sleep shirt. I was tired out of my mind but my feet managed to drag me to this café where I had a sausage roll and juice. I meandered some more, ended up in Federation Square where I took more photos and watched a transvestite busker putting on a comedy show.

We took the flight back to Sydney that night. As I previously mentioned my eardrums exploded on the plane, and I was deaf for a day. Anyway, Melbourne was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip.



April 13, 2008

A list of films which I rented/saw at the cinema the past two weeks:




Goodbye, Lenin!

Lives of Others

The Fountain

Be Kind Rewind

Lars and the Real Girl

There’s lots of particularly awesome stuff on that list. I especially liked Once, Lives of Others, Be Kind Rewind and Lars and the Real Girl. Looking forward to seeing heaps more movies over the mid-semester break.