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Severe student’s block

May 29, 2008

At this stage, I’m just going through the motions, really. This is the part where I dread turning up to uni. I have grown to despise every single paper and presentation that I have to work on. Everyday I wake up expecting that it’s already the second week of June, when I can finally have that celebratory drink of vodka. Last week I was suffering from panic attacks and indescribable stress. But now more than ever, I think I’ve already reached the point where I’ve stopped caring about marks and GPAs and things. Well, not really. I’d still sell a kidney to get top marks, but I guess I’ve just lost all energy to try harder. This has been my worst semester (academically speaking) and I have just been turning in such a lackluster performance it’s embarrassing.

I’m reminded of this episode from Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid. There was this African-American TV series writer who just lost his muse one day and his brains ran dry of funny things to write for his comedies. He fell asleep on the typewriter one night and his potted plant finished the screenplay for him. The plant did a pretty awesome job too, catapulting the ratings of the show. Sigh. Guess it’s time to scour Sydney nurseries for wonderplants like that.


I need you so much closer

May 26, 2008

I just found out that Death Cab for Cutie will be having a Sydney concert on the…(wait for it)…18th of August. I leave Australia on the last week of July. There is a shortage of expletives to encapsulate what I feel at the moment.

When I got here January of last year, one of the first things I remember doing was googling the band’s Australia tour dates. I found a site saying that they would be a having an April-ish Sydney concert. In a fit of excitement, I immediately contacted a friend and pleaded with him to watch the concert with me. After a bit I reviewed the email I had just sent, and I belatedly realised that the concert was April of friggin’ 2006.

But back to their concert this year…talk about excellent timing. I seriously considered extending my stay for another two weeks just to see DCFC perform live, but I really doubt my scholarship would allow it.

When I heard the news this afternoon, I was absolutely crestfallen. I decided to just put on my pajamas and take a nap. And put their songs on repeat.

No puedo mas

May 20, 2008

I’m tired, spent, burnt out. Three weeks to go before I can finally claim my two degrees, but I’m already on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I seriously doubt if I can still reach that elusive academic finish line.

Ode to Mi Goreng

May 15, 2008

I was chatting with my mom an hour or so ago when she told me that my brothers were asking me to send them a couple of packs of Mi Goreng. They decimated a scandalous amount of those noodles when they were here last year.

All it took was for my mom to mention those two words and my stomach suddenly went mad ass wild. Stomach instantaneously sent feed-me-Mi-Goreng-now signals to the brain and I had to ask if we could just chat some other time because my hunger pangs have already rendered me weak. The thought of a bowl of hot Mi Goreng completely consumed me.

So yeah, I nearly finished four packs in record time (and I am the world’s slowest eater, okay). I’m sure I could’ve easily finished the two remaining forkfuls, but I just had to restrain myself. My stomach cannot go on being a repository of KFC and instant noodles. A while back I was having Mi Goreng everyday, both lunch and dinner. Last week I even had it for breakfast. Yes, I badly need to check myself into noodle rehab.

Mad props to the brilliant Indonesian who invented Mi Goreng. I will build you a shrine someday.

My next tour destination will likely be Indonesia. A good friend from Java keeps bugging me to visit him, bribing me with all the Mi Goreng I can eat. How can I resist?