Ode to Mi Goreng

May 15, 2008

I was chatting with my mom an hour or so ago when she told me that my brothers were asking me to send them a couple of packs of Mi Goreng. They decimated a scandalous amount of those noodles when they were here last year.

All it took was for my mom to mention those two words and my stomach suddenly went mad ass wild. Stomach instantaneously sent feed-me-Mi-Goreng-now signals to the brain and I had to ask if we could just chat some other time because my hunger pangs have already rendered me weak. The thought of a bowl of hot Mi Goreng completely consumed me.

So yeah, I nearly finished four packs in record time (and I am the world’s slowest eater, okay). I’m sure I could’ve easily finished the two remaining forkfuls, but I just had to restrain myself. My stomach cannot go on being a repository of KFC and instant noodles. A while back I was having Mi Goreng everyday, both lunch and dinner. Last week I even had it for breakfast. Yes, I badly need to check myself into noodle rehab.

Mad props to the brilliant Indonesian who invented Mi Goreng. I will build you a shrine someday.

My next tour destination will likely be Indonesia. A good friend from Java keeps bugging me to visit him, bribing me with all the Mi Goreng I can eat. How can I resist?


7 Responses to “Ode to Mi Goreng”

  1. blsm Says:

    napabili ako ng mi goreng dahil sa post mo! have yet to try it though. waaahhh!! instant noodles after 7 years!!!

  2. nmanuson Says:

    lol! haha hope you don’t get hooked on that stuff 🙂

  3. julien Says:

    Hey guys! I really need to know if there are shrimps, prawns or nay kind of seafood in these noodle packs cause it seems I found some but not sure if there are vegetables.

  4. craig Says:

    KFC, 4 servings of Mi goreng, Jesus Christ how fat are you?

  5. karaiwashi Says:

    @craig: surprisingly, she’s really really sexy. bordering on skinny. haha. :p

    san nabibili yan, friend?

  6. lola Says:

    mmm im going to have some now with vegies and a fried egg.. woah… its a serious drug, but at least its cheap!!

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