Death Cabbing in Singapore

August 23, 2008

Finally saw my favourite band perform live at the Esplanade two weeks ago. This is the first time that I have flown to a different country just to watch a concert – I guess that only goes to prove that I truly occupy top position in the hierarchy of Death Cab for Cutie fanhood.

I began to get all giddy like a fangirl minutes before the concert started. And when the band went on stage I felt an electric wave ripple through me. Ben Gibbard didn’t have his glasses on and he actually looked a bit rockstaresque, nearly the antithesis of his usual geekazoid self. And wow do they sound better live. I was in complete and utter awe for the next ninety minutes.

I would like to believe that I am a very subdued type of person and on regular days I behave as if I’m on heavy doses of tranquilizers, but that night I was shrieking like a deranged fangirl, it was embarrassing. I would yell my tonsils out at the beginning and at the end of each song. And dear lord I was even singing along. Loudly. I was obviously not comporting myself normally during the concert.

And the most awesome line of the night from Ben Gibbard: I’d like to thank our opening act, Dead Air. I found myself letting out a very loud chuckle. Sigh. I heart dorky jokes.

Oh and I would like to mention that there were quite a few things that night which could have potentially ruined the experience for me but didn’t, after all: Guy with the Massive Head standing directly in front of me, pretty much obstructing my view the whole night; the girl next to me who smelled like jackfruit (turns out she came to the concert by herself, the poor thing); my not-so-top-of-the-line camera and the fact that I wasn’t able to take videos. That night I resolved not to take any videos anymore so I could fully enjoy the concert, and this was the best decision ever. Sometimes we focus too much on getting the perfect angle and not having shaky arms while filming concerts that we often forget to just listen. And watch. And enjoy.

I was so relieved that the band’s Narrow Stairs songs didn’t dominate the set list, seeing as I did not like that album very much. And I was also very pleased that they played good stuff from their past albums, songs from my college days which made me all nostalgic. And the best surprise was them saving my two ultimate favourite DCFC songs for last. How wonderful was that*

*Tiny Vessels is such an eloquently beautiful song. I understand exactly what Ben was trying to say.
**It’s funny how everyday snippets of DCFC lyrics find their way to play in my head. As we speak this bit from Crooked Teeth is reverberating in my mind: I’m a war, of head versus heart/And it’s always this way/My head is weak/my heart always speaks/Before I know what it will say

Their set list: (from Junk Online)
1. Bixby Canyon Bridge (Narrow Stairs)
2. The New Year (Transatlanticism)
3. Why You’d Want to Live Here (The Photo Album)
4. Crooked Teeth (Plans)
5. Photobooth (Forbidden Love EP)
6. Long Division (Narrow Stairs)
7. Grapevine Fires (Narrow Stairs)
8. A Movie Script Ending (The Photo Album)
9. Company Calls (We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes)
10. Title Track (We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes)
11. Soul Meets Body (Plans)
12. I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Plans)
13. I Will Possess Your Heart (Narrow Stairs)
14. Cath… (Narrow Stairs)
15. Styrofoam Plates (The Photo Album)
16. Expo ’86 (Transatlanticism)
17. The Sound of Settling (Transatlanticism)

18. Your Bruise (Something About Airplanes)
19. Title and Registration (Transatlanticism)
20. No Sunlight (Narrow Stairs)
21. Tiny Vessels (Transatlanticism)
22. Transatlanticism (Transatlanticism)

I desperately tried to get myself a shirt but the queues to the merchandise booth were massive and they eventually ran out of stuff to sell. The band had an autograph signing after the concert but I had nothing for them to sign (plus there were a bajillion people in the autograph queue) and that left me depressed as hell. Good thing a friend scored a shirt for me during their Sydney concert. Someone’s a happy camper again.

Since the place got packed cos of the autograph signing, me and my friends wanted to outsmart everyone else and so we decided to go out of the Esplanade to try and get a good view of the band members from the glass windows outside. We did get a good view of their…backs. Plan:failed.

It was truly a pity we didn’t get to interact with the band post-concert because I already had my whole We-came-all-the-way-from-the-Philippines-speech rehearsed in my head. Maybe I can finally deliver my spiel in their next one.


One Response to “Death Cabbing in Singapore”

  1. Allan Says:

    So, concert pala yun! hehe

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