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Am I right side up or upside down?

May 6, 2007

Dave came to Sydney!
Waah! Like I told Roanne, Joy and Edwin last night:
I can die now

Highlights of the DMB Concert:

– The first song they played was Crush, my all-time, desert-island favorite song. It was probably their longest rendition ever since it went well over 12 minutes, and I patiently recorded the whole song on my digicam (though at one point my hands and arms were beginning to shake involuntarily…and my nose started to itch!). God really knows how to balance the universe. After a particularly bad week and the recent series of unfortunate events which befell me, He decided to compensate for it with this!

– Dave kept doing his cute “monster voice” in between songs (Thank you for coming!). Think Cookie Monster.

– Dave’s dance moves throughout the night were basically a combination of “scissors” and an LA-walk sort of move. Haha!

– At one point though, I started to get annoyed by the fact that it was taking them forever to end a song, due to the requisite “solos” each band member had to have so they could display their wicked guitar/saxophone/drum/violin/piano/trumpet playing skills.

– Unfortunately, they didn’t play my other faves like Space Between, Crash into Me, Satellite and Lover Lay Down. Good thing they performed their other hits Stay (Wasting Time), Jimi Thing, Ants Marching and Tripping Billies.

– They were selling DMB merchandise at the venue and I set my sights on this gray hoodie which had a “Dave Matthews Band” print, though it cost $80 and I had second thoughts about the price. Some people who bought the exact same hoodie were already wearing it after the concert, and upon closer inspection the material didn’t seem that thick (wouldn’t keep me that warm in winter). I mentioned this to Roanne, and I told her that maybe I can just order other DMB stuff online. Haha, what a way to console myself. Sucks to be a cheapskate.

– One of the burly security guards at Hordern approached us and ordered (ordered!) us to empty our bags. He then confiscated our water bottles and my half-finished bottle of iced tea and proceeded to dump them straight into the bin. The rationale behind the no-food, no-drinks inside the venue policy was to coerce people to buy stuff from the vendors inside. And wow, they really jacked up the prices of everything. Poor Roanne was forced to buy a teeny tiny cap-less bottle of water for $3.

– The lady guard allowed me to bring in my jumungous shoulder bag while Roanne had to leave her significantly smaller-sized backpack in the cloakroom. Weird. Note to self, always bring feminine-looking bags to concerts in Sydney, regardless of size.

– We decided to sit at the back row of the middle section since Roanne and I were scared of stampedes and rowdy people in the standing area. Because of the Wowowee tragedy, I will now perpetually fear stampedes. I mean, I love Dave and all, but he’s just not worth dying for.

Overall, it was an excellent concert. Thanks, DMB.

Death Cab for Cutie, I am waiting for you guys.